AUTOSPORTのインド人愛読者カルン・チャンドック:まだ脚の毛剃ってるの?ブルーノ・セナ:Ha! いや。やるべきだろうけど。フィジオセラピーに行くと(脚の)毛が痛いんだ! カルンもそれを知っとくべき。彼は全身の毛を剃るべきだね、そしたら2kgは痩せるよ!gummyfez:

11:18 A long-time AUTOSPORT reader from India called Karun Chandhok asks: “Do you still shave your legs?”Bruno Senna: ”Ha! No, I don’t. I should though. Every time I have physiotherapy, all of that hair hurts. Karun should know about that, he should shave his whole body because he’ll lose about two kilos!”

They are adorable omg 

Bruno live commentary on Autosport.com

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